Wound treatment

wound treatment

Treatment of wounds and ulcers arising from lymphatic venous-arterial circulation disorders

Venous leg ulcers and similar wounds are usually situated above the ankle or on the inside of the leg area.

As tissues in this case are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, a wound of this type stays open even for years without healing, a condition that is expensive for home or professional medical care.

The vast majority of ulcers and venous leg ulcers are caused by poor circulation resulting from atherosclerosis or diabetes.

The benefits of polarized light therapy:

  • wound closure facilitates and speeds up the healing process
  • it improves microcirculation and skin metabolic processes of the affected tissue
  • it increases the regeneration of chronic ulcers, thus helps in avoiding amputation.

Polarized light therapy accelerates healing and reduces pain effectively, reducing the chances of recurrence of ulcers and preventing new ulcers. 

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