What is polarised light?

Polarised light

The basis of the operation of POLARISOL medical devices is the use of polarized light. These occur in nature, too, but not in such a concentration. There are three main types: celestial, terrestrial and one coming from the surface of the water.

Polarized light is actually a low-power, incoherent light, in which the waves of light move on parallel planes.

It includes different ranges of light, from visible light up to a specific part of the infrared spectrum.

This range of light cannot be detected by the human eye but it plays an important role in the life of many species of animals and plants.

The most important feature and positive aspect of the polarized light is that its electromagnetic spectrum does not contain UV radiation.

As a result, we can enjoy the positive effects of sunlight without exposing our body to any harmful effects.

In addition, while sunlight is composed of an infinite number of different oscillation planes of polarized light, the light-therapy devices use a filter solution resulting in linear polarized light, meaning that it can "produce" polarized light on a larger scale and in a more concentrated way.

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