Veterinary treatment with polarized light

It can be clearly observed that animals either wild or domestic are instinctively attracted to basking in the sun filling up with energy in order to heal and relax.

Polarized light therapy can have beneficial physiological effects especially on warm-blooded animals, (mammals, birds), but also for some reptiles (turtle species, lizards). The treatment is more and more popular worldwide at veterinary clinics and animal friendly homes.

Our pets should be gradually accustomed to polarized light therapy, after the first treatment, they quickly build a trust toward the cure.

Dogs, cats, pets or farm animals, small mammals, horses, birds and exotic wild animals kept in zoos can be successfully healed with polarized light therapy, either used as a mono or complementary therapeutic method, especially for wound healing, treating inflammation, dermatological and joint problems, pain relief and rehabilitation of the following symptoms:

Dog/cat/other small mammals, cage birds

skin diseases (dermatophytoses, demodex folliculorum, ear mite infestation, anal gland inflammation)

post-operative and post-trauma wound treatment

tendon sheat - tape and joint diseases (hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament tear, patella dislocation)

diseases of the spine, discopathia (dachshund intervertebral disk disease)

respiratory illnesses (feline cold symptom).


skin diseases (summer eczema, scabies)

tendon sheat - tape and joint diseases

laminitis (tissue inflammation) splints,  splint bone fractures

saddle pressure sores, post-operative and post-trauma wound treatment

The beneficial effects of polarized light therapy

wound healing, scar treatment, acceleration of  wound closure

rapid anti-inflammatory effect, immune system support (hematoma, swelling)

stimulating of microcirculation, opening of capillaries, pores, faster absorption of skin ointments, creams, active ingredients, local and whole body (systemic) utilization of active ingredients.

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