Treatment of pressure sores

treatment of pressure sores

Treatment of pressure sores

Pressure sores (decubitus ulcers) develop when the patient's weight rests on the same areas of the body for a long time. Pressure sores are relatively common among individuals who are immobilized and confined to bed or to a wheelchair for long periods, such as elderly, disabled people, and those staying in care homes, or patients in hospital.

This can slow down the supply of blood to body parts, and when those tissues do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients from the blood, they start to waste away.

Pressure sores can seriously complicate the health outcomes of other treatments, as they extend the length of time patients stay in hospital and increase the cost of treatment not to mention the psychological load on medical staff and families.

Clinical studies demonstrate that polarized light is an effective therapy to heal pressure sores by:

  • improving circulation in the affected area
  • increasing tissue regeneration.


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