The history of polarized light

The history of polarized light
  • 2300 BC, Egypt: the healing power of sunlight is used for the first time in Heliopolis, the city of healing light-temples
  • 770 BC, China: description of Feng Shui/Chi application of light
  • 417 BC, Greece: Hippocrates writes about the healing powers of sunlight (in his work Corpus Hippocraticum)
  • 350 BC, Rome: widespread use of solar light therapy (heliotherapy) in Roman public baths
  • 1600s: polarized light – with the same meaning as in today's terminology –the polarization of light in general, and the dual-refraction of light are first documented by the Danish physician and scientist, Erasmus Bartholinus (1625 -1698) in his work Experimenta Crystalli
  • 1704: physicist and polyhistor, Sir Isaac Newton, releases his work Optics with the description of prism, refraction, rainbow effect and white light
  • 1800: Frederick William Herschel, German-English astronomer discovers infrared radiation
  • 1801: Johann Wilhelm Ritter, German astrophysicist discovers ultraviolet radiation
  • 1809: Dominique Francois Jean Arago, French physicist, discovers the polarization of sky lights
  • 1817: Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster describes the characteristics of polarized light (refraction, Brewster mirror and kaleidoscope)
  • 1851: Jakob Lorber, Austrian scientist publishes his work: The healing power of sunlight
  • 1903: Niels Ryberg Finsen, Danish physician receives the Nobel Prize for his research with light therapy: artificial sunlight, light wavelength test, treatment of erythematosus
  • 1959: American physicist Gordon Gould describes the operation of the laser light
  • 2009: Under the name of Sensolite, the first polarized-light therapy bed is patented allowing total-body irradiation
  • In 2015, based on earlier technologies but exceeding them, founded on Hungarian innovation and combining Japanese multi-layer film polarization system with innovative LED technology, a portable polarized light device is born. With the largest irradiation surface so far in its category and with almost 100% rate of polarization, POLARISOL is a high-end, polarized light therapy medical device.

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