POLARISOL technology

The POLARISOL polarized light emitting, well-being devices are the result of a continuously improved and enhanced technology going back to 30 years.

The POLARISOL products are based on Hungarian engineering knowledge and patent as well as German, Japanese and US high-tech production. Working with low-temperature impact, these devices do not damage the skin tissue and do not contain ultraviolet rays. As opposed to the previously used mirror technology and halogen bulbs, the latest multi-layered polarizing film system, the largest optical surface of its category and the innovative LED technology ensures that POLARISOL devices emit a greater amount and more concentrated light (400 -850 nm wavelength) than ever before. The ergonomic design and tablet-like format enables ease of use, transportation and storage, elegant style and a real well-being experience.

As a result, the degree of polarization of the emitted polarized light in the case of POLARISOL products is nearly 100%.

Thanks to the latest LED technology, the products have a lifetime of 20,000 hours. The Japanese multilayer film system, which allows 99.7% polarization of light, is coupled with world class US CREE LED technology and the German OSRAM technical knowledge.

I would like to reserve an appointment for free POLARISOL product testing.

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