Stress and anxiety caused by lack of light

Stress and anxiety caused by lack of light

Mental illnesses caused by lack of light embitter significantly the life of 21st-century mankind.

Several studies have dealt with that in the winter months, the number of winter depression cases (SAD) caused by light deficiency are increasing year by year.  

In case the natural sunlight is limited for a lasting period, e.g: in wintertime, then the circadian rhythm malfunctions (as the pineal gland in this case secretes an excessive amount of melatonin into the bloodstream), resulting in chronic fatigue, depression, bad mood, seasonal depression.

However, this is not inevitable as polarized light therapy is useful for the treatment of such symptoms and problems.

Regular use of polarized light therapy in these periods has a positive effect on the human body and well-being by easing the symptoms of seasonal depression disorders.

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