Sports Medicine

sports medicine

Treatment of sports injuries of muscle and connective tissue, tears, sprains

Minor musculoskeletal accidents can occur to anyone, that is why we all need some pain relieving method.

Pain treatment of joints and connective tissue injuries is vital for those who exercise regularly (recreational or professional sportsmen) but also for the treatment of the elderly, suffering from arthritis or musculoskeletal diseases (bone arthritis or chronic joint inflammation).

Physically active adults and children often suffer from sports injury, according to international hospital statistics, it is the second most common traumatic complaint in the world. 

If our goal is pain relief, reduction of disability, physical preparation of athletes or faster regeneration, then either by ourselves or with the help of a doctor or physiotherapist, numerous complaints can be treated with polarized light therapy.

Sports Medicine - treatment of sport injuries

Polarised light therapy is effective in the treatment of the following skin, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments injuries and pain alleviation.

  • muscle cramps, muscle soreness, muscle strain, muscle tear muscle fibers-and outer ankle ligament tear
  • Achilles tendon inflammation
  • thigh muscle sprain, shoulder sprain, stress fractures, traumatic fractures
  • swimming shoulder, tennis elbow, golf elbow, runner's knee, skiing joint block
  • carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis
  • joint mouse (osteochondritis dissecans), hernia, haemorrhoids, painful heel (calcaneodynia), hammer toes, bunion
  • intertrigo, dermatitis.

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