POLARISOL products

POLARISOL polarised light emmitting well-being device

Thanks to POLARISOL, the positive effects of light energy that has been known for centuries are combined with innovative polarization and LED light technologies.

POLARISOL medical devices, POLARISOL Medical Pro and POLARISOL Medical Mobilo are revolutionary technological innovations of a 30-year-old invention. 

Based on a Hungarian patent, it has been created with the most advanced Japanese, German and American technology to help create the right mood, and the making of a healthier lifestyle.

Its light effects in a similar way to the sun's rays enhancing the body's energy supply, and optimizing its operation.

The well-known benefits of polarized light can be enjoyed for years to come, as POLARISOL technology provides nearly 20,000 hours of continuous operation.

The world-class Hungarian manufactured POLARISOL well-being polarized light devices combine cutting-edge technologies.

The innovative Japanese multi-layer polarizing film unites with advanced light source technologies of American and German manufacturers.

The wavelength of POLARISOL products is operating in the 400 to 850 nm wavelength range therefore it's heat effect is much more lower and also ideal for skin tissue compared to other devices functioning with polarized light technologies.

The large size POLARISOL Pro device operates with 16 LED and 9 infrared LED bulbs while POLARISOL Mobilo uses 4 LED and 2 infrared LED bulbs delivering  the benefits of polarized light to the desired body surface.

The degree of polarization of POLARISOL is close to 100%, combined with a large amount of concentrated light output, and it is guaranteed without emitting harmful UV rays.

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