POLARISOL Medical Innova

Polarized light therapy with maximum treatment surface
POLARISOL Medical Innova

POLARISOL Medical Innova is the latest and most modern version of polarized light therapy devices, that can make your and your family’s life more fulfilling, healthier and happier.

An ideal device for family, home and professional medical, veterinary use, wellness and spa therapy centers, spas, beauty salons, sports clubs and hairdressing salons.

The innovative multi-layer and LED technology, the tablet-like superior design makes POLARISOL Innova an easy to use and indispensable device, that is part of your everyday life.

POLARISOL Innova weighs 25 kg and the body surface that can be illuminated by polarized light is more than 1600 cm2, the largest in its category.

If you vote for POLARISOL Innova you not only choose a universal medical and well-being device for your family but a valuable asset for your medical, veterinary clinic or cosmetic or wellness salon.

Even after a 15-20 minutes daily use, you can feel the benefits of polarized light.

I would like to reserve an appointment for free POLARISOL product testing.

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