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Polarised light in the nature

Few people know that polarized light in nature can also be met in celestial, terrestrial and water surface-kind as well. Due to our underdeveloped visual organs, these rays are invisible for us, but they play an important part of everyday life of many organisms.  Dragonflies, the apidae or even mantises use polarized light for orientation as well as for procurement of food or reproduction.

Contrary to the popular belief, polarized light is essentially white. Previously, yellow filters has been used, nowadays however, thanks to the colorless filters the natural white color can be also kept.

POLARISOL products provide a very large, up to 1600 cm2 surface of polarized light irradiation that offers a more effective and faster treatment while their CREE LED bulbs are able to serve your needs up to 20 000 continuous operating hours.

Polarized light therapy has been used for treatments for more than 100 years, but now the former halogen bulb solution is replaced by Japanese multi-layer polarizing film system, LED technology and infrared light bulbs, thus we can cover larger body surface area during treatments.


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