Company history

Company history

The management of the 2014 founded POLARISOL Ltd., has set the objective to create innovative polarized light emitting medical devices that make affordable the benefits of polarized light for all.

POLARISOL products are based on Hungarian engineering knowledge and patent, Japanese, German, and US high-tech solutions.  

As opposed to previously used Brewster mirror technology and the use of a single halogen bulb, today the multi-layer polarizing film system, the largest optical surface of its category and innovative LED technology ensures that a greater amount and more concentrated polarized light is emitted from POLARISOL devices.

The ergonomic and tabletlike design ensures ease of use, transportation and storage and also provides an elegant style and a unique user experience.

The management also intends to unite in the company's development, the cutting-edge technologies with successful and proven sales techniques and state of the art marketing solutions. 

I would like to reserve an appointment for free POLARISOL product testing.

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