Burn treatment

Treatment of burns

Treatment of burns

Burn injuries are quite common, luckily, few of them require hospitalization and usually we treat them at home. Most of the burns are superficial, and can be easily healed with polarized light therapy.

Deep burns, however may require surgery, although polarized light has additional benefits in this case as well.

Healing time is vital as the longer a burn wound takes to heal the greater the risk of:

  • excessive scar tissue formation, which may lead to loss of function and poor aesthetic appearance
  • infection, as any delay in closing the wound may allow bacteria to enter through the wound into the bloodstream (septicemia).

Medical classification categorizes burns as 1st to 3rd degree, largely depending on the depth of injury.

1st degree (I) burns

  • Superficial burns to outer layer of skin (epidermis) with no blistering.

2nd degree (II) burns

  • Deeper burns to outer and underlying area of skin (epidermis and dermis), skin blisters.

3rd degree (III) burns

  • Burn penetrates deeper tissues.
  • Skin chars and blackens, or turns white.

Polarized light can help to minimize the risk of infection and scarring by increasing the healing process.


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